Fort Edwards Events & Programs

  • Art Contest (deadline and judging) - April 21
  • Colonial Feast - April 21
  • Hampshire Family Frontier Day (Opening Day)- June 16
  • Wine and cheese (tentative) - September 8
  • Tea with Ms. Edwards (closing day) - October 7
  • Battle of the Great Cacapon (Mercer`s Day) - October 20


Hampshire Family Frontier Day - Season Opening

Saturday, June 16, 2018 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Eventbrite - Hampshire Family Frontier Day – Fort Edwards Season Opening
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  • This fun-filled, family-friendly event is held at our site at 350 Cold Stream Road, in Capon Bridge, WV.
  • See authentic reenactors and crafters interpret our site, as well as educate and share the artisanal skills of the colonial frontier. Maryland Forces will also display soldiers' skills and customs.
  • Experience the lifestyle of Joseph Edwards and the other settlers of mid-eighteenth century Hampshire County.
  • The first 25 attendees age 15 and under will receive a FREE tricorn hat!
  • Admission to all the events is free this year, including our new exhibit.  (Donations are graciously accepted.)


Special Presentation

Cherokee leader Ostenaco (ca. 1703-1780) will be portrayed by Doug Wood in a West Virginia Humanities Council History Alive! presentation.

Ostenaco was an important Cherokee ally of Virginia military leaders during the French and Indian War. He was instrumental in recruiting and leading the Indian alliance that provided support and protection for British colonial settlements against attack by northern tribes allied with the French. His sphere of influence extended over a wide area and his relationships with Virginia leaders contributed to the expansion of English-speaking peoples into present-day West Virginia.

Historical characterization is the vehicle for this program. Humanities scholars have carefully researched a variety of sources about the figures they portray such as journals, letters, official documents, speeches, autobiographies and research by other scholars in developing their presentation.




Award-Winning Author Jay Heavner

NEW: Author Jay Heavner will be selling autographed copies of his books, including Braddock's Gold, at this year's Hampshire Family Frontier Day! Braddock's Gold has just received an Honorable Mention Award for Best Fiction at the Great Midwest and Florida Book Festivals.  He'll also be selling his newest release, Killing Darkness, coming out June 9th. 

 In 1755 British General Edward Braddock, George Washington, and a combined army of 2,000 Colonials and British Regulars were sent to drive the French and Indian forces from the forks of the Ohio. Near present day Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the two armies met. Braddock was killed and George Washington had to rally all surviving troops for a retreat from the rout. Braddock's payroll in gold coin for the troops disappeared. In 1996 bits and pieces are turning up. People are looking for the treasure worth two to four million dollars. Not all of them are nice people. Some will stop at nothing to have it. Prepare to be entertained. 

This local legend has been passed around since the French and Indian War. Mr. Heavner has been told the payroll was buried anywhere from Arlington, Va. to the Pittsburgh, Pa. area. Where the gold was buried – if at all remains a mystery. A very elaborate disinformation campaign was waged by the British Government after Braddock's defeat at the Battle of the Monongahela and his troop's retreat to Fort Cumberland. This much is true; people are still looking for it today.

Mr. Heavner is a graduate of Fort Ashby High School, Fort Ashby, WV and West Virginia University. 

His Amazon author page is here.




We are excited to have 3Fires Oven Pizza as our food vendor this year!



Tea With Mrs. Edwards

Sunday, October 7th, 2018
2:00 - 4:00 PM

(Online registration coming soon)


Young and old alike will be delighted to have tea with Mrs. Joseph Edwards at the Visitor Center. To celebrate another successful season of historical interpretation and discovery at the site of Edwards's Fort in Capon Bridge, WV, the Fort Edwards Foundation invites all our neighbors and friends to this free afternoon tea as our regular season closing event. Please RSVP to: