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Daniel Morgan on the Frontier

Homes of General Daniel Morgan
    Until we can put together a page on Daniel Morgan, we will share with you some photographs from the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society's tribute to Daniel Morgan on the two hundredth anniversary of his death. The Society is sponsoring in 2002 several events to memorialize Daniel Morgan. These pictures come from "The Homes of General Daniel Morgan," a tour of his homes in Frederick County, Virginia, July 6, 2002. Morgan had died in Winchester on July 6, 1802.


Soldier's Rest





"Soldier's Rest" lying just northeast of Berryville was the first farm home bought by Daniel Morgan and Abigail Curry. They purchased it in 1769. After his harrowing experiences in the Quebec campaign Morgan named the home, "Soldier's Rest." Morgan and his wife lived here until he completed "Saratoga." Here he gave up wagoneering to become a farmer, but he still retained the nickname, "The Old Wagoneer."







 "Saragoga," the only home build by Morgan for himself and Abigail, was named after the famous battle of the Revolutionary War were Morgan and his Virginia Riflemen played a critical role in the defeat of Gen. Bourgoyne's army. The home is constructed of native limestone quarried from nearby Opequon Creek.



This home in Winchester on Amherst Street is where General Morgan spent the last two years of his life. Morgan had moved here because of his failing health; he wished to be close to his doctor and to his friend and minister, Rev. William Hill. During his time here, he was accompanied by his daughter, Betsy Heard, and her family. General Daniel Morgan died here on July 6, 1802.



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