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George Washington's Character and Leadership
Still Serve as a Model for Us

    He contributed to our political structure by:
  • Providing leadership in Drafting the Constitution
  • Setting precedents in the Presidency
  • Setting up the Cabinet system and establishing relationships between the branches of government
  • Warning of the power of the military-industrial complex
  • Warning about foreign entanglements
  • Warning about the problems of a political party system

    He contributed to our military tradition by:
  • Establishing preeminence of civilian authority
  • Establishing the role of the citizen-soldier
  • Establishing the character of the armed forces
    He set an example as a man by:
  • Showing man's fallibility yet exhibiting great capability for self improvement
  • Exhibiting great physical and moral courage
  • Maintaining high ethical standards
  • Showing great self discipline
  • Exhibiting great sense of duty to God, country and ones fellow man
  • Exemplifying great perseverance against overwhelming odds
  • Showing loyalty to institutions and individuals
  • Showing reliance on the power of God to guide man's destiny
    He provided vision by:
  • Showing great insight into the character and capabilities of men
  • Evidencing deep understanding of the importance of events


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