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New French & Indian War Maps Published

The Fort Edwards Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of two maps depicting the French and Indian War in North America (1754-1763).

F&I War area map
Map of the French and Indian War in North America 1754-1763    M-FE-01

     The larger map (approximately 23" by 21") shows the entire theater of conflict from the French fortress at Louisbourg in Nova Scotia to the Spanish domains in Florida and westward across the Mississippi River where the French had many outposts and forts. To better show details in the two most important areas of conflict, the map includes an inset of the frontiers of southern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia where the war began. The second inset shows the Lake Champlain - Mohawk River area where Fort Ticonderoga was located as well as Fort William Henry whose story was told in the novel "Last of the Mohicans."

     The second map (approximately 14" by 22") shows the frontiers of southern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. Col. George Washington's entire chain of forts from the Maryland border to North Carolina is represented as well as some of the settlers' forts and forts of the local militias. The map also includes the better known forts of Maryland and Pennsylvania. Not all small forts are shown. The two great roads built for this conflict, Braddock's Road and Forbes's Road, are also shown. This map has an underprinted parchment texture to give the impression of an antique map.

British Central Frontier
The British Central Frontier During the French & Indian War   M-FE-02

     The maps are printed on heavy textured buff/ivory colored paper in brown ink and have an eighteenth century style. They are suitable for framing. The publication of these two maps is part of The Fort Edwards Foundation's contribution to the celebration of the 250th anniversary of the French and Indian War that determined the dominance of British rule, custom and law in North America and spelled the end to French and Spanish expansion. This war also served as the training ground for many of America's heroes of the Revolutionary War including, of course, George Washington who got his first military experience as Commander of the Virginia Regiment.

     The Foundation has endeavored to produce graphic representations that will serve all sites by tying together their stories of this little-known but important episode in American history. Although the maps are high quality prints suitable for framing, the price has been set to allow the ordinary site visitor to purchase copies. The retail price is $12 for the larger map and $10 for the smaller map (Penn., Maryland & Virginia).  The maps will be available wholesale to all French and Indian War sites so they can sell copies in their museum shops. Please send a copy of your state retail sales license with your order. Wholesale order form is available at:

     The map will also be available for retail sales through the Fort Edwards web site along with the Fort Edwards Museum Shop's extensive list of books about the war and the colonial era. For retail sales go to:

     A bibliograph of the maps is available.


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