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Dendrochronology Project

Locations of our sampled trees

Core #1 Along River Road south of Capon Bridge: (39.22681+-78.47273)

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Core #2-4 former Dr. Craik's land (39.3328,-78.52692) Note: Core #2-3 are near point of arrow; Core #4 is on hill by road above base of arrow.

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The three log sections being tested were taken from an old barn destroyed on the farm at the upper right of this map; it was the original Thomas Parker land grant surveyed by George Washington.

     Can You Help Us?

     If you have trees that match the description given on page #2 on your property in Hampshire County and are interested in allowing us to bore them for samples, please let us know. The contact information is as follows:

    Go To: Tree Ring Project Opening Page


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