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The Museum Addition for Fort Edwards


    At its April, 2003 meeting the Board of Directors of The Fort Edwards Foundation voted to raise its campaign for a new museum addition to the current Visitor Center up to $650,000. We have already begun the process of seeing funding for this addition. Our present facility has several shortcomings:

  • it can not hold a bus load of students or adults,
  • it has no office space for the Foundation or for museum administration,
  • it has no storage space for artifacts or for exhibit items,
  • its retail sales space is inadequate for our needs.

   Shown here is a very early conception drawing of our present building as it would be adapted after the erection of a Museum addition. The present building would house the entrance foyer (with display space) as well as an administrative office. It would also have a large Museum Shop to help raise needed funds for museum operation.


   The addition would be two stories with two work spaces upstairs, an office and a storage/construction space. There would be an area where the ceiling below would reach to the buildings roof so that flags or other display objects could be hung. The first floor area would include restrooms, a small kitchen area, a multimedia center and display space.

   Without your assistance this dream can not come true. Please help in any way you can.



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